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Boss Battles for the Soul, by Kyo


Hello everyone!  For those of you who may have missed it, Kyo released an album over the Summer, but his physical copies ship in December and he’s making bonus tracks, so order just in time for the holidays.  These are extremely elemental, energetic, and epic original songs.  The Super Mario RPG song especially pegs it for atmosphere IMO.  Here’s the tracklist: Original takes on FFVI, Super Metriod, Zelda 3, Earthbound, Secret of Mana, and even Secret of Evermore for good measure.

Kyo’s (Mark Reichwein) Album:

  • Currently name your price: Suggested $5 digital, $20 physical (ships December)
  • There will be 5 bonus songs in December: Super Metroid, Donkey Kong Country, Yoshi’s Island, Final Fantasy 4, and Mega Man X!
  • Special thanks to J64 (Josef Blom) for technical advice/assistance.

Great! Keep the music coming!

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